We've changed the way people join the Housing Register

Demand for housing in Nottingham is very high. If you're in housing need, we want to help you find a home that’s most suitable for you.

To help us do that, we’ve made some changes to the way people join Nottingham’s Housing Register.

The aim of the changes is to reduce the time that people are waiting for a home, by supporting people to use the most suitable housing option for them.

Previously, we asked anyone wanting to join the Housing Register to answer some questions on the HomeLink website. This acted as a guide for people to see whether they would be eligible to join, or if other options would be more suitable.

This system has now been replaced and anyone who wants to apply to join the Housing Register needs to complete a small number of pre-eligibility questions through Housing Online.

Depending on the answers you give, people that are eligible will then be asked to complete some mandatory pre-tenancy training. When this has been done, you will then get a reference number that will allow you to complete an online application.

We've produced a step-by-step guide to assist you with the changes, which you can read here - Nottingham HomeLink Registration Guide.

If you're not eligible you'll be given advice and help on other housing options that are available. For example mutual exchanges, private rental (including LiviNG, the market rent arm of NCH), or options if you're homeless.

These changes only affect new applications made from Monday 13 December and not those already on the Housing Register. If you had a saved application that wasn’t submitted before midday on Monday 13 December, we’re sorry but you’ll now need to reapply using the new process.

We've made these changes to make sure that only people that are likely to be accepted to join the Housing Register can make an application, and so we can better support everybody who is looking for a home.

Much less staff time will now be spent assessing applications, and more time can be spent providing suitable help and advice to customers whatever their housing need.

To find out more, take a look at our Looking for a home page.