Mutual Exchange Application Form

Please only complete an application form when you have found a swap

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Important information to read before completing the application form

A decision to be granted permission to move or not has to be completed within 42 days of receipt of your application. This does not include the actual exchange of properties taking place.

The receipt date for a group of tenants wishing to exchange will not start until we have received an application from all parties involved.

All tenants taking part in the exchange must each complete an application, this includes non Nottingham City Council tenants - who must let their landlord know that they'd like to move through a mutual exchange - and get their permission.

Missing applications

It is the responsibility of all tenants involved in the mutual exchange to make sure that all applications are submitted in a timely manner. We will not contact you or take responsibility for chasing missing applications in a proposed exchange.

If all applications are not received in good time, we will assume the mutual exchange is no longer happening and we'll make no further contact with you.


Application form

Application form

Please complete the form below if you would like to apply for a mutual exchange, completing all relevant sections and providing as much information as possible.

Before completing this form you must have found an exchange partner.

As part of your application, you must also agree to the following conditions:

Condition A: Conditions that must be met before an exchange is approved:

  1. Only the tenant(s) can make applications
  2. No exchange can take place without written permission from Nottingham City Homes and/or any other registered provider, council or housing association
  3. Your application to exchange will be conditional if you have broken any of your tenancy conditions
  4. Any outstanding rent arrears must be cleared before Nottingham City Homes will give consent to move and your rent account must have a zero balance at least two days before you sign for an exchange
  5. Your application will also be made conditional if there are repairs or work required to your home and garden which are your responsibility – this includes any items that have been damaged, or any alterations that you have carried out. Conditional approval means you will have to carry out this work before the exchange is approved
  6. Allow gas and electrical safety checks to take place, which are a legal requirement of a mutual exchange
  7. Allow access to the surveyor to carry out full property inspections when requested, which is a requirement of a mutual exchange 

Condition B: Following the exchange, Nottingham City Homes will not be responsible for the following:

  1. The internal decoration of the property
  2. Any repairs resulting from alterations, neglect or damage by the previous tenant
  3. Repairs to any non-standard fixtures and fittings installed by the previous tenant such as showers, kitchen units
  4. If essential repairs are undertaken in the future to non-standard kitchen or bathroom fixtures, please be aware that any replacement will be with standard items - this means that they may not colour match the remainder of your suite
  5. Lock changes
  6. Rubbish removal from previous tenants - including in lofts, cupboards, gardens and outbuildings
  7. Missing bins

Your data matters!

Please read our Privacy Notice, to understand how we look after the information you give to us.

Mutual Exchange application form

About you

Type your postcode here
Joint tenant details (only complete if you are already a joint tenant)

About your home
Flat or maisonette only
Please tell us about anybody else who will be moving with you on a permanent basis

On a permanent basis, who will also be moving with you. For each person we need to know: Their name, date of birth, gender, National Insurance Number (if applicable) and their relationship to you.
Information about the people you'd like to exchange with
Extra information
For example, the address of all parties involved in a multi-swap to help us to link all applications together. Or extra medical information that you feel might be appropriate to the exchange.
Registration of interest

Please include their name, what position they hold and their relationship to you

Please include their name, what position they hold and their relationship to you
Rent in advance

Based on affordability, you will be contacted and required to discuss rent in advance payments and potentially be asked to pay four weeks maximum full rent in advance. The payment you will be required to pay will need to be made in advance of the move by arrangement with the officer progressing the exchange. If you think you will struggle to pay four weeks rent in advance, please speak to the member of staff who will contact you after you have submitted this form to see if a payment plan can be agreed. Please note that we do not accept cash for rent in advance payment. Please tick the box to show you have read this statement.

Declaration and signature

I hereby give permission for my details to be disclosed to proposed landlords. I / we state that the information given on this application form is true in every respect and understand any false statement will lead to the cancellation of this application. I / we have read, understand and agree to potentially pay rent four weeks in advance (based on affordability) and to abide by Conditions A and B. I / we have read and understand Nottingham City Homes' Privacy Notice. I / we understand that it is the responsibility of all tenants involved in the mutual exchange to make sure all applications are submitted in a timely manner and understand that if applications are not received in good time, Nottingham City Homes will assume the mutual exchange is no longer happening.

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